Tired of Sky-High Electric Bills?

Tired of Sky-High Electric Bills?

Schedule a geothermal air system installation in Texarkana, TX

Geothermal energy is a clean and sustainable form of energy that comes from the earth. You can utilize geothermal energy to heat and cool your Texarkana, TX home.

Geothermal air system installation involves drilling wells into the ground and installing pipes to keep your home heated and cooled with geothermal energy. It’s the perfect option if you want to save money on your monthly electric bills.

Custom Aire, Inc provides geothermal heating system installation and geothermal air system installation services. Call today to learn more about how you can take advantage of this money-saving option.

3 reasons to switch to geothermal energy

Are you thinking about making the switch to a geothermal unit? Here are a few reasons why they’re a popular option:

  1. They’re 75% cheaper than installing a standard HVAC unit.
  2. The units are energy-efficient, which brings down monthly costs.
  3. With an average life span of over 20 years, the unit will last more than twice as long as an ordinary HVAC unit.

Call Custom Aire today to learn more about this energy-efficient option.